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From the relentless daily grind, stress and struggles that have left you feeling burnt out and overwhelmed, to unlocking your peak potential and paving the way for you to not just survive but thrive as a female Entrepreneur. Get ready to build a life that doesn't just look good on the outside, but FEELS good on the inside!

Maintain your well-being whilst running a successful business...
Success starts with you!

You're a wildly passionate, high achieving woman spinning all the plates yet slowly you feel yourself burning out. Somewhere along the way you've lost your spark, that passion that keeps you energised and excited for life, you feel exhausted, overwhelmed and want to know how to take your health, wealth and life on to the next level.
I'm here to show you how, let's get your life back, Sister...

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I’m a Holistic Health Coach & Mentor with a passion for holistic healing, using food as medicine, our connection to Mama Earth, interior psychology and building a creative business and lifestyle in a slow living way.

As a heart led multiple business owner, I get over excited about business and the freedom that offers, as well as a deep rooted love for holistic health. As someone who's suffered with multiple burnout's, I knew there had to be a better way, a new way, and so I combined my years of personal experience, life wisdom and professional expertise to support other women increase their health, wealth and impact, without burning themselves out.


Supporting high achieving female business owners to increase their health, wealth and impact, one passionate Entrepreneur at a time! By making health a part of your life and business plan you'll re-ignite your passion for life and feel excited for the future, allowing you to lead the way in your profession in a more mindful, balanced way.

What I do...

my signature methodology

Bespoke 1:1 Coaching

I specialise in health coaching specifically tailored to support women just like you in overcoming business owner burnout and instead, achieving a balanced, thriving business and lifestyle. Get ready to discover practical strategies, personalised coaching, and a supportive, like-minded coach who understands the journey you are on.

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Client Love

“Since working with Kayleigh I no longer have energy crashes throughout the day, I have zero gastro issues such as bloating and IBS, and I have a clear head and motivation every day to get through my many tasks. I highly recommend Kayleigh and will tell anyone who will listen about the benefits I have experienced from her coaching.

- Carly, CURRENT client

root cause road map 

Getting to the root cause of your burnout is essential for your recovery. In this Bundle you'll get access to a self care and burnout assessment plus guidance on self reflection to gain mental clarity.

Mind-Body Reconnection

Rediscover the joy of self-care through gentle meditation, journalling and relaxation techniques. Our Bundle will guide you to reconnect with your inner harmony, creating a sanctuary of peace amidst the chaos.

an all in one recovery toolkit

A treasure trove of guided wellness practices, time management strategies, nutritional guidance, mindset mastery tools carefully crafted to empower you on your journey towards balance and vitality.

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The secret sauce for you to experience a wildly satisfied, highly energised, financially abundant business and life is by nurturing your health, and I can help you get there…

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From Exhaustion to Empowerment: Unleash Your Potential through Burnout Recovery and Prevention.

Revitalise, Recharge, and Recover! A Blueprint for Female Business Owners, Creatives and High Achievers to Overcome Burnout and Prevent Future Exhaustion.