It's time for a long term

solution to healthy living

master your mind and nourish your body

It's time for a                         long term solution to healthy living


Whether you're feeling exhausted from living day-to-day life, feeling overwhelmed when it comes to knowing how to prioritise your health, or just filling other people's cups first whilst yours ends up empty. I can help you transform your life back to where you feel energised, empowered, and aligned with your purpose and values that you hold dear by making you your number one priority. No more delaying your healing journey. It's time for you to choose yourself first.


nutrition coaching

Customized support that will help you feel energized through the food you eat.

health coaching

Upgrade your health with a personalized, holistic path that's created just for you.

lifestyle design

Let go of the unnecessary and redesign your life for infinite opportunities.

3 Month Programme

This is my signature programme where during this 3 months of high touch support, you'll form long term, sustainable habits for a healthy future. We'll work exclusively together to create a personalised plan to support your current health needs, understand root cause issues and incorporate a new healthy lifestyle and daily routine. Say no more to burnout being the reality that rules you life! Say good-bye to bandaid fix's and hello to the transformation you've been waiting for.
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4 Week Programme

Investing in your health is one on the most important decisions you will ever make to transform your future! If you're ready to go from exhaustion to empowerment and overcome burnout, exhaustion and low mood that's effecting you showing up the best version of yourself every day then this 4 week programme is for you.
Package: 4 x 60 minute One-to-One calls, a guidance email following our calls with hand outs, recommendations and actionable steps to support your health.
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Investment/Exchange: £350

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90 Minute Intensive

Take 90 minutes out of your day and get back clarity on the problems that are blocking you from continuing your healing journey. You'll feel more confident going forward and can apply the newly acquired knowledge into your lifestyle right away.
Package: 90 Minute One-to-One call, a guidance email following our call with hand outs, recommendations and actionable steps to support your health, email support for one week after our call.
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Investment/Exchange: £150

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Since working with Kayleigh I no longer have energy crashes throughout the day, I have zero gastro issues such as bloating and IBS, and I have a clear head and motivation every day to get through my many tasks. I feel inspired and aligned with my coaching business again as I am not focusing on my lack of energy. I was a complete skeptic when people said your gut was your second brain, but since taking the supplements Kayleigh sent with my welcome pack the difference in my attitude and energy levels cannot be denied. I looked forward to my weekly calls with Kayleigh, and the follow up process tailored to me personally with recipes, handouts and actions made the journey very simple and not overwhelming. I highly recommend Kayleigh and will tell anyone who will listen about the benefits I have experienced from her coaching.


I did a 3 day cleanse with Kayleigh and felt so great from doing so. I'd been suffering with a lot of stomach pain for some time as well as all over body pain and generally not feeling great. Kayleigh supported me every step of the way with supplement guidance, recommending certain drinks and food to eat. From just 3 days cleansing I felt reduced pain in my stomach, more energy and even lost 5lbs in body fat. I felt really confident in Kayleigh supporting me and was happy with the results whilst learning a lot along the way.

Client Love


I found Kayleigh at a really difficult time in my life. I'd actually been suffering with my mental health for many years due to the pressures of my business and managing a household which just became too much for me resulting in me losing everything. I was drinking and smoking lots as an escape which only made things worse. Kayleigh offered some really great feedback and support which helped me to get back on my feet and to start believing in myself again. It wasn't until I crashed that I realised how unsustainable and stressful my life was before. Working with Kayleigh I've become myself again, have launched a new business and have stopped drinking and smoking. The supplement and nutritional guidance she's supported me with has dramatically improved my mental health and energy levels. I'm not sure what would have happened to me if I'd not met Kayleigh at the time that I did and due to this continued my coaching with her beyond her 12 week program.


Kayleigh is an amazing individual full of so much positive energy! Kayleigh lifted my spirit from the moment we had started speaking I was really overwhelmed & stressed feeling absolutely useless before our session however when we ended the session I felt a lot better, I didn’t feel as overwhelmed, I left the call feeling a relief! I hope Kayleigh knows that she is an amazing person & such a great inspiration, I felt as if I had known Kayleigh for years. I cried, we laughed, the lot, honestly I left the call with so much hope & so much to look forward too. Just after one call I looked at things from a different perspective, I have been isolated for so long it felt so good to talk to somebody who not only who was educated on things but has her own life experience which makes her completely magical. I have personally decided to give this review off my own back because I think Kayleigh deserves it .


Kayleigh is an empathetic listener and shares so much value on our calls. I gained so much insight even from our first health history consultation that I knew this would be life changing and so far it has been. I feel full of life and can’t believe how much my lifestyle and food choices were affecting my life in a negative way before! I’m so grateful I found Kayleigh, she has so much knowledge and experience which she shares in a very calm and down to earth manner while also being hugely inspiring. Thank you Kayleigh for being such a pivotal change in my life.

It's Time to choose yourself

be in alignment

Take your time to look over all of the ways that you can work with me. I offer various services where we can work together to turn your lifestyle and health into alignment with your desires. Invest in yourself in the best way possible. 

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